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Transplanting a Seattleite

Seeking Suburbia

28 May
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After three decades in Seattle, I finally decided enough was enough. I went exploring the right coast from a base in Yankeeland. This whole season thing is bizarre, but putting on snowshoes and stepping out my back door to wander in the woods is a joy...

And then, just as I was bracing myself for Mud and Blackfly Season, R. got a job in Seattle, and I finally reached Ground Zero: the Central District of Seattle. Everything was convenient: the apartment layout, freeway access to I-5 and I-90, walkable to more than you would believe. Of course, it had to be convenient, because I had my first baby while I was living there. My roots were a little confused. R.'s job got steadily more chaotic and eventually, all of the people he was working with were in Minneapolis anyway, so staying in Seattle made less and less sense.

So we have returned to Yankeeland in plenty of time for leaf season! If you know me in person, and miss me a lot, have I got an offer for you: come visit us! Because flying has become so incredibly irrational and we don't like doing it, we've got an incentive program to encourage our friends out west to visit us back East: we'll buy your plane ticket.

After a brief term in appointed public office, I returned to private life to have my second child. Of course, we like to move when there's a new baby either on the way or having arrived so we started shopping for a house. Which we've found! We're a short walk from the train station from which it's about a half hour to Boston. We have almost 3000 square feet including 4 bedrooms, so you won't be camping on a futon in the office if you come visit us now. Best of all, no blackflies in Massachusetts.