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Daily Activities Include: a Purple Straw Hat, sleeping 12 hours, sick kids, etc.

You can see the hat in the current userpic (altho presumably at some point in the future, this statement will cease to be true). It's a pretty cheap hat -- the straw is already coming undone. Also, a purple straw hat hardly needs a hatband like that, but I guess if you're going to go there, you're going to go there.

The hat came from Target. T. and I went to Target in an effort to get him a Toy Story or Buzz Lightyear jigsaw puzzle. I was hoping for the floor puzzle that was on Target's website, but I couldn't find it and wound up with one of those 8 puzzles in a box things. Oh well. We've done the puzzle several times since. I passed the hat twice (more like 3 or 4 times) because we took a break partway through our shopping to go to the restroom. The second time past the hat, my willpower broke down and now I own a purple straw hat that is a little too small for me.

That was Friday. R. and I had some child care, so we went out to Bamboo for dinner. Yum. By Saturday night, however, I was so freaking exhausted, I went to bed early and may have been asleep before the kids were. They are sick enough that they let me sleep in, even, so I got 12 hours of sleep. I feel _much_ better today.

I made tofu chocolate pie again. The kids _do_ like it, altho A. more than T. (altho maybe he'll like it better when he isn't quite so sick). R. made his cinnamon coffee cake on Sunday. Very tasty. The pineapple is perfectly ripe and the store had berries (not organic -- there are limits). R. grilled steak and chicken, so I've even been getting protein that isn't in bean form.

I really need to get an oil change for my car. Maybe on Tuesday. Wish R. a Happy Birthday on Monday!
Tags: daily activities
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