walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

why I buy all the kiddie gear online

R. went off to buy cloth training pants tonight at target. They apparently don't carry _any_. Gack! Who knew? They carry a tiny supply of infant gerber cloth diapers. You'd think they'd have something like this, too, 'cause gerber makes those. But nooooo.

Ordered some Kushies and iPlay training pants online.

Teddy, today, dribbled slightly, came and got me with the Sears potty training book, sat on the potty and peed. Then he _really_ didn't want the diaper put back on, and made it quite clear he wanted something he could pull up and push down, just like in the book. Much screaming ensued. The kisses from a year ago are too small -- they're so tight he can't push them down. Which is why we decided today would be a good day to get training pants.
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