walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Link Fu about claiming asylum based on homosexuality case at the European high court

I've blogged about this before, but I _suck_ at navigating legal calendars. This is a post that will document another effort to find out where this is in the process -- initial stuff was supposed to happen on the 11th; I don't know if it did.


I didn't even realize this:

"last year the Dutch Council of State already asked whether a decision to deny an application with the argument that an asylum seeker may avoid persecution in their home country by remaining discreet about their sexual orientation is contrary to EU law or not. In other words: whether EU law prohibits that asylum seekers are send back into the closet by Member States. In the same judgement, it also asked whether lesbian, gay or bi asylum seekers can be returned to countries where same sex sexual activities are a criminal offense. This reference is still pending before the Court."

There are clearly other pending questions so I shouldn't expect a quick outcome.

Amazingly cool index of related stuff with good links:


Their news page is incredible:


I had _no_ idea things were moving so fast in the national high courts.

If anyone has any idea how to figure out where things actually are in the process and/or has a method for predicting when there might be further news, I'd love to hear about it. The thing on the calendar is 3 joined cases and I _think_ the process of those started a year ago:

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