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Homework assignments

A., who is tutoring me in Dutch, comes up with some truly entertaining homework assignments. This week, one of the assignments involves the difference between the Royal Family and the Royal House. Another involves finding out how autism is treated in the Netherlands, and then figuring out how to describe the services my children receive her in the United States. There are others, and then on my own I'm tracking the issue the Raad van State asked the European High Court to resolve (how are you allowed to address credibility issues with people seeking asylum in Europe, claiming to be LGBTI; immigration services want to be sure they really are, and not just economic immigrants pretending to be LGBTI, but some of the tests/rules used are just horrible).

In the course of reading the Dutch wikipedia article on autism:


I found this:


Which is charming. Also this:


Which just proves that anyone who thinks that kind of approach is unique to America is ... mistaken.

What I'm really looking for are the terms of "speech therapy" and "occupational therapy", but I don't want to do some sort of direct translation if those therapies are not typically offered to autistic children in the Netherlands -- further explanation would be required.



That is _so cool_.
Tags: autism, learning dutch
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