walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

rosetta stone update

Short one this time. I'm about halfway through unit 5 (disease and politics have definitely slowed me down, but this is a little more than half way through level 1, and Rosetta Stone only makes 2 levels of Dutch). While there has been some new vocabulary, I'm still largely viewing this as an amazing revision exercise and can't comment on what it is like to learn something entirely new with this product. That said, it is better than Just Revision. I don't think I ever got the hang of the umlaut over the e when it's a compound word rule. I have it down now, tho. I have it down so hard, it's just like typing anything else at this point. Whoa.

I also have had a lot of trouble with spelling forty correctly (in Dutch -- I've got that mostly down in English). The spelling error is analogous to spelling forty fourty (actual correct spelling: veertig; incorrect but expected erroneous spelling: viertig). Rosetta appears to have cured me of that, too.

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