walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Inexplicable Customer Service

I feel like I've been having more and more odd customer service experiences lately. There was the Xmas thing with the gift card. Then there was the "[Insert customer issue here]" non-response. Recently, I ordered my son a lunchbox with robots on it. A. already had one (R. had gotten it through MyHabit). After a week, R. told me that T. was asking when it would arrive/where was it. So last night, I scrounged around in e-mail and PayPal history and determined that (a) I'd been charged and (b) never received a shipping notification or (c) the lunchbox. Weird and wrong. I tried to call them, but even though it was between 4 and 5 p.m. in California, where their address is, the phone number went to a voice message box. I left a message. I also left a message on their website. This morning, I got the following:

"I'm so sorry...not sure how we missed your order. It will ship today and you will
receive tracking information once it ships."

So, yay, it's now on its way (I got the Quantum View notice separately), but if I hadn't been asked, I'm not sure when it would have occurred to me that there was a problem.

And that is one _hell_ of a non-explanation. "not sure how we missed your order"? It's a very small operation, but yikes. That's not much of a business process. (But there is an apology, which is to the good, and a prompt correction of the problem, which is even better.)

It's also interesting to me how much that stands out against the background of Amazon (Zappos, etc.) order experience, including 3rd party sellers, and eBay (I'm picky about my sellers over there, too). I've gotten so used to a flawless order/ship/delivery experience (4 business days is a long wait, in my experience, never mind an entire calendar week) that I don't have any process to notice when something got dropped.

ETA: I forgot one other odd experience, altho that one was so well handled that the seller pre-emptively described what might happen, which that the item might no longer be available after it was purchased, if it sold in their brick-and-mortar store.
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