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As in, little red bumps. Specifically, morbilliform rash. Unilateral morbilliform rash.

Turns out mumps has that as a side effect. Who knew? Started on his legs and moved up to his trunk, which was pretty mystifying. And he had diarrhea yesterday, which made me nervous, but that seems to have cleared up today. We were prepared to chalk that up to recovering-from-virus-flushing-dead-white-blood-cells, but since he has since developed croup (and R. woke up with bronchitis and I cough whenever I move faster than an amble), "recovering" may be optimistic.

My jaw is All Better -- can yawn as wide as I like. The top of the submandibular duct is still kind of swollen (you can actually see that part of the cheek is visibly swollen and it's quite tender). But I'm optimistic that I'm really almost over the mumps. I went to town meeting briefly for the conservation land ballot (but even with both our votes, it did not pass :(), but other than that I've been careful to keep my germs to myself. And Teddy has been only in contact with R. and I since Sunday (M. risked visiting on Saturday -- we warned him. He thought mumps was funny.).

For those who want one of the better summaries available on the web:


Given the length of the incubation period, I'd say Teddy probably picked this up while chewing on something either in California (but I can't find any info on a mumps outbreak there) or on our flight home. Since there has been a midwestern outbreak (including Chicago), I'm betting Midway, or someone on the flight. BUT since no one has typed a sample, we can't know for sure, because apparently New Hampshire had an outbreak last summer, brought in from Japan.

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