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new Kitty Norville novel and second Vlad/Leila novel

_Kitty Rocks the House_, Carrie Vaughn, book 11

A vampire priest comes to town and absorbs all of Rick/Ricardo's attention. And other people as well. Detective Jessi Hardin has heard from her counterpart(s) at Interpol that he is wanted for arson. Cormac/Amelia thinks that happened because the priest has erected a magical ward likely to manifest as flame -- and troublemakers that they are, they'd kinda like to meet whatever it is the priest doesn't want to meet. Nasser meets briefly with Rick and Kitty at the beginning of the book and a representative for a Mistress in South America arrives near the end. Those meetings involve attempts to establish allied relationships in the Long Game, but the vampire priest thing is less clear. The law of background conspiracies is that they always turn out to have an Even Bigger Bad Guy lurking in the background, and this one Obeys The Law.

Mostly fun book.

_Twice Tempted_, the second of the Vlad/Leila books by Jeaniene Frost, is all about dead people not REALLY being dead (or whatever it is that you call undead people who No Longer Exist). And vengeance. There's some sex, but all things considered, really this is a lot more about the Hotness of Revenge than the hotness of sexual attraction. Further exploration of the possibilities of magic in this world, leading to a better understanding of why it is so thoroughly Frowned Upon.

Mostly fun book. I don't see it making any sense without the preceding entry, and it fits into a larger universe that is less important (altho Cat does make a helpful appearance, as does Mencheres).
Tags: book review, paranormal fiction
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