walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Mystery Redbook Subscription

A week or so ago, an issue of Redbook -- addressed to me -- showed up in my mailbox. This did not make me happy. I'm doing everything in my power to put a stop to paper. But whatever. I threw it in the recycling.

Today, _another_ issue of Redbook showed up. So I figured out how to cancel my subscription using their website and the account number on the mailing label. They say they've already mailed me the May issue, which means at least one more is likely to show up before this craziness ends.

I _hope_ the May issue is the end of it. But I'm honestly a little appalled by this. They seem to think that someone paid for this subscription (said I should contact whichever agent sold it to me) for a refund. But I did not. And I've noticed before when someone wanted to send me something similar for free, and really regretted agreeing to it (I think it was Parenting), so I know better than to put up with that.

If a friend of mine bought this for me as a gift, well, Thanks but No Thanks and please don't do that again. It isn't funny. Anyone else get this? Is Hearst desperate enough to juice their subscriber numbers this way?
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