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Recent Activities Include: Playdate, Buildabear, In Which I Discover Ticket to Ride on the iPad

T. had a playdate, this time at his friend's house which is on a base. So that was not very exciting: the playdate was fun, and the friend's mother had the pass all prepped and ready to go at the gate for me. The friend's older and younger brothers hung out with us, and we had a ton of fun, altho the little guy conked out partway through.

Meanwhile, back at home, I asked R. and his mother to take A. to the mall to get her a Buildabear, since I had ordered one for T. and of course once he had his, it didn't seem fair for her not to have one also. I feel very mildly bad about not having the full experience for T., however, I wasn't sure how that would go. A. enjoyed it; C. even captured some of it with pictures and video on her phone.

At some point, I discovered that there was an iPad adaptation of Ticket to Ride, complete with 4 AI characters with distinctly different and internally consistent strategies. Unbelievable. I sometimes pretend that I am no longer the kind of person who thinks it's fun to go a party at some guy's house where we then all sit around and play European/German board games for 6-12 hours, fueled only by soda, terrible snack choices and the pizza that I wind up ordering because no one else in the room is prepared to actually make a phone call. I was never a regular at any of these parties. I swear. But I sure didn't ever have any trouble finding one when I wanted one, and I always knew more people there than the person I arrived with. My attempts to pretend I'm no longer like that went down like so many paper dolls in the face of high quality AI opponents; I don't remember much of the weekend, beyond feeling a lot of frustration associated with the tunnels coming out of Lugano.

ETA: C. came for a visit and it was very nice to have her. The kids had a ton of fun and were very sad when she left. I told them I'd try to arrange a visit in May (and we already have), but I think T. is still hoping she'll come back next Friday. And the kids actually ate burgers on Sunday evening. Food repertoire is expanding! (<-- Don't ask.)
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