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Today's Activities Include: I Heart UPS, weather, school and toy stores

Somewhat unexpectedly, I received a small package via UPS today. The unexpected part was because it was still snowing and even tho R. had cleared the drive to get T. out to school in Concord (Acton was closed, so no transport today and A. was home) it was several inches deep again quite rapidly. There was some humor in the package, in that it was a teeny tiny Gerber pocket knife in a slightly too large Gerber box (probably the ship my ordinarily tiny Gerber pocket knife in that box as well) and then in the smallest Amazon box. Initially, I thought the Amazon box only had the bubbles in it and someone screwed up and forgot to include the product, it was that big a contrast in size.

But nice to have, and it _would_ fit the new TSA rules for small pocket knives except for the lock back issue. *sigh* Oh well. It does reduce the volume in my small pocket, which is good, and it is very sharp.

I went over to The Other Shipper That Is Not USPS's website to see where the t-shirts were, as we were expecting them today. No luck. Arrived at the Mass facility at around 4 a.m. Got on the truck at 8. And then at 2:31, a "local weather exception" made them decide not to even attempt delivery. One wonders if the truck ever left the lot.

Hopefully the t-shirts will arrive tomorrow.

A. wanted a box for herself or at least something from the toy store. We stopped at the one in Concord on the way to pick up T., but they were closed due to weather (sensible people). We got T., returned R. and T. to the house and then A. and I went to Learning Express where we acquired some Playmobil. Very Small Things for her to carry around, which she loves, and stored in large, colorful eggs, which is great.

A.'s swimming lesson, also in Concord, was canceled due to instructor's children's illness. I think it was about even in terms of open/closed due to weather between the two towns, because even tho Acton's schools closed and Concord only delayed, we had two strikeouts in other things we would have otherwise done in Concord.
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