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Photos of Amazon's Scottish facility:


h/t http://www.wired.com/business/2013/03/yuppies-same-day-delivery/

There's been a bunch of rumors about Google and/or Amazon setting up same day delivery in some urban areas, particularly since sales tax collection online is now more or less a done deal so the incentive to locate in places to avoid sales tax collection responsibilities is reduced.

Somebody did a survey and found out only a small number of people would pay for this service.

"The outliers in the results were what the pollsters called “affluent millennials” — urban dwellers ages 18 to 34 with an annual household income of at least $150,000. Members of this demographic said they’d be willing to pay up to $10 for same-day delivery, while others said they’d only pay up to $6."

But earlier in the article, the author says:

"Rather, outside of a few self-important yuppies, no one else seems to care that much about getting their orders that quickly."

All very stupid. Same day will only happen in certain big cities for logistical reasons, not because "no one cares". You need a whole lot of people _close_ to your facility to pay that extra for same day to justify the network to make it happen. Even if _everyone_ in Wyoming wanted to pay double for the same, it wouldn't make any sense to try.

There are things that could be said about certain people are more likely to order if they could get same day, or that you could get a whole different category of orders if you did same day, but why?

Big ups for pointing to the picture, tho -- those are great photos.
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