walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

New Strategy for Learning Dutch Vocab: Buy kids learning apps

Like all kids' apps, there is the slight problem of not knowing how much you are signing up for in terms of in-app to get all the pieces, but the good news is, there's no question about whether these are words that Dutch people use (they teach them to their kids!) or that the speakers are natives.

Expect this to be updated. A. has stolen the ipad from me to play with the app, which is a good sign.

The word for squirrel in Nederlands is eekhorn. Heh -- pronounced like "acorn".

ETA: It won't let me buy the premium stuff! I get "canceled"! This may be region enforcement, but serious bummer. I don't have restrictions enabled on this iPad so it isn't that.

The "sour grapes" in me sez it's just as well. Their cartoon of a "zeekoe" showed it getting out onto something white and ice-like. I looked up "zeekoe" on Dutch wikipedia. Zeekoeien (is the right plural -- I had the wrong one but B. kindly corrected it for me) don't do ice.
Tags: learning dutch

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