walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Missing the Point

In Nate's Morning Coffee Links today (http://www.the-digital-reader.com/2013/03/04/the-morning-coffee-4-march-2013/), I found this:


And I thought, oooh, that could be interesting. What will this author do with the whole genocide problem.

*crickets chirp and other noises conspicuous only when the Silence is Total and Induces Trepidation*

Nope. Not about the genocide -- it's about Orson Scott Card's position on gay marriage (just to be clear: his position is abhorrent), and how to compensate for that if you decide to go see the movie of _Ender's Game_.

While I would always prefer to direct positive attention to women bloggers and the women who inspired them -- even if fictional -- I just can't. I cannot. If you are writing about _ethics_ and how to deal with an author's position on gay marriage vs. enjoying a


and the genocide part of it, specifically, the framework that attempts to make the child Perfect and Justified in Every Way for Committing Genocide, then I cannot help but feel that two things happened here, both of them bad.

(1) The author writing about ethics has Missed the Point.

(2) The author will find this piece incredibly cringe-worthy at some future point in time.


That's an essay on the topic of Ender, Genocide and Orson Scott Card that you might find helpful in understanding why the teenager in you wants to defend Ender and/or the author, and while your instincts and feelings must be attended to and nurtured for you to grow and develop to be the Best Possible You, nevertheless, those instincts and feelings -- that is, You in your most core Self -- need to change.

Now. Change now. Do not defend people who commit genocide. Do not defend authors who depict a fictional world that justifies genocide. That's a Bad Path. Get off it.

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