walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Help Me Find a Boys size 7/8 Brock Davis Hot Chocolate T-shirt: Problem Solved!

I got an out-of-the-blue call from Colorado today, and I was wondering if it was one of my elderly relatives wanting to talk genealogy. Nope. It was a very, very sweet young man who was answering my e-mail request to Brock Davis' shop. Here's the shop -- buy stuff there!


Anyway. He found my e-mail touching and is sending us a couple of the Hot Chocolate T-shirts for T.! I am so excited! Truly, "ask and ye shall receive", because at least these particular humans are really nice people.

I'm also awaiting an order from them for a Hamburger on a Trampoline and I-forget that I ordered because the designs are really far too cute for words (that one I paid for).


I believe this was for sale at Target in 2011. T.'s friend J. has one and T. has been asking for one himself for days now. I managed to identify the brand and probable retailer, but it does not appear to be available either through the Brock Davis website (but I did e-mail them to ask, deploying every possible aspect of the situation that might generate sympathy), or Target (or for that matter, etsy or eBay, altho if it wasn't listed with a keyword I used, I might have missed it). A picture of the design (not the shirt) can be found here:


I'll be calling around consignment stores tomorrow when they might be open, but if you have any places that you think might carry this (or in a larger size that he could grow into, or even a smaller one -- we could remake it into a bigger t-shirt), I will reward success with embarrassing extravagance.

But don't spend a lot of time on this, because I think it's technically an impossible goal.
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