walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Two Kids on the Bus for Me Today!

A. got home at the usual time, and T. got home 15-30 minutes early, as his friend J. (who normally would be delivered elsewhere) came home with him today -- transportation was completely cool with this, but did require confirmation from parents on both ends of the plan, which reassures me of the safety of my child on the bus.

I was a little worried at first, because A. kept crying, and T. kept saying "Playdate is over" and I was confused. However, T. just wanted to have an argument in which I convinced him playdate was most definitely _not_ over, and A. just wanted some attention/to know what was going on/dinner. I got them all settled in front of nuggets, fries, popsicles, apple juice, onion rings, banana, etc. and they all cheered up and were happy and then they went back to playing noisily until J.'s mother and his younger brother Z. came by. Then L. (mom) and I got to chat and after a while they went home and we picked up and T. finally ate some food. Meanwhile, A. continued to melt down because her nose is running and she is coughing and somewhat miserable.

But it went really well! It was even fun. I would definitely do it again, possibly on Friday.
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