walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Minor update on the transition from EverNote to Google Docs/Drive

Not too long ago, a sync bug on EverNote became the straw that, in addition to a long-running cut-and-paste bug, caused me to blog about Teh Evil that is EverNote, despite its fans, and remove everything from my account and close it (while retaining the ability to restart with my main email address, should things change in the future) after moving everything to Google Docs/Drive. The cut-and-paste bug, it should be noted, affected efforts to paste _into_ notes in Evernote, not to cut and paste to other applications.

First, I Do Not Miss EverNote. At all. I am overjoyed not to have it dogging me. I had some initial issues with Apple Note sync (I'm using it for my grocery list, because startup is a little lighterweight, or at least _was_ before I got Google Drive on my iPhone), but they were very minor and resolving them was dead easy compared to resolving sync problems in EverNote. Also, the problem appears to have more or less resolved as I got used to using it -- that is, my natural adaptiveness was adequate to deal with it, where my adaptation to EverNote was Never Enough (I was avoiding using EverNote, rather than figuring out invisible-to-my-conscious-self workarounds, which was a Huge problem, since I was managing ToDo lists, Project lists, etc., so avoiding those was Really Bad).

Second, as I learn more of the Google Drive universe, I'm liking it more and more.

You may still want a dedicated note taking/note management platform, because You are Not Me. But I'm really wondering how EverNote and similar are going to survive.
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