walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Finding other language resources

I figured I might as well get out some of the other language resources to sample in between Rosetta Stone sessions. I did not actually lose my copy of the (increasingly difficult and expensive to acquire) _Taking Dutch Further_ (I even have the tapes! Why, oh why, Hugo/DK hasn't put this out in CD form is beyond me), and I also have _Levend Nederlands_, which has thus far proved completely impenetrable for me, however, hope springs erratically.

I thought I had a Routledge grammar ...

ETA: Yup, mixed in with the Frys dictionaries, books, a history of the low countries not written in English, etc.

ETAYA: R. has carefully kept a Sony cassette deck and has the appropriate cables to hook it up to my Macbook's line-in. I believe Audacity will let me turn those cassettes into much more usable files on my computer. Hmmmm.
Tags: learning dutch
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