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Daily Activities include: Errands

After walking with M. (yay! First time this week, altho I did go by myself once -- scheduling around the kids has been Not Possible), I went to the hardware store for Yet Another Can of Paint and returned home to deliver the paint. Then back out again: to the library to pick up another book (_The Carriage Trade), Staples to use Reward Points before they expire, Trader Joe's for lettuce and orange chicken and a few other things, the bank to deposit two checks and get more cash and Roche Bros. to buy groceries.

Home again to drop everything off then back out for Thai food for lunch, returning with take out for R.

Ah, sitting down.

The Staples outing was Interesting. I don't usually go out of my way to use Rewards points, but T.'s iPad case was in bad shape and while I was able to buy a nominally identical one, the nominally identical one ... wasn't. Alas, Staples selection of original iPad compatible cases is not extensive and nothing looked like something T. might like. The second bright idea was to buy more binders or scrap booking binders or binder equivalents; alas, nothing in the store met my criteria for Do I Trust You Are Truly Archival. (And I better understand why A.'s experience with Pioneer is a bit different from mine.) Third idea was to buy pink, fine dry erase markers, but you can only get those as part of a set. This is both kids' favorite kind of dry erase marker. I'm basically screwed, because, like red popsicles, it does not appear possible to buy JUST that color.

I ultimately bought some magnetic clips (sold as locker accessories, but we'll use them on the kitchen magnet board), another spiral notebook of drawing paper (we go through those fairly quickly -- I like the Bienfang that Staples carries much better than other readily available things), garbage bags that look like the right size to line the shredder bin (this is actually kind of important, because I have a massive shredding project that I've been avoiding because I hate dealing with the fluttery bits of Paper Mess) and probably something else which I've forgotten. I had $28 in Rewards points (which is the only reason I bothered: I hate going to a store I wasn't going to go to otherwise to avoid losing amounts less than $20, and even then I feel cranky about the whole thing).

Turns out you cannot redeem Rewards points at POS with just a phone number. They want a printed out points statement altho apparently you can also use their App as it can display the SKU. I tried accessing the page through my phone (without the App), but it loaded too slow. Partway through the process (as a line was developing), the trainee cashier said, oh, hey, we have a computer. So off I went to _print out the two pages of paper_ with my Rewards points. Honestly, the only reason I had so many was because when I was Xmas shopping, they had some sort of deal on their overpriced batteries where you got all the money back in the form of points.

I hate it when promotional schemes distort my behavior.


So now I'm sitting here updating my phone and downloading the Staples app, because, well, now I'm curious. I feel so weird about having been surprised by the phone book thing that anything involving paper Gets My Attention. Also, Office Depot/Office Max merger.

Observations about the Staples App: (1) Really? There's a Staples login AND a Staples Reward Center login and _they are not the same_?!? (2) I just redeemed all of those Rewards points which are still showing. Hmmm. (And I checked: I really did redeem those; there must be a delayed sync between POS and the rest of their customer facing systems, which suggests an opportunity for abuse.)

Sometimes, when I'm thinking about the general ridiculousness of something, I stop myself and I go, well, is anyone doing a _better_ job? I'm stunned at how rarely I can answer that question in the affirmative.
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