walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

a persistent clutter problem

I used to have a pile on the kitchen counter, that I would hide in a drawer underneath when we needed to straighten up. I never managed to clear it away completely, despite repeated efforts, so I thought, hey, I'll buy a home filing Thing to put in the living room and be the place my laptop lives and whatever I am drinking or snacking on while watching TV. In the process of acquisition, that Thing turned into a two drawer lateral file with a hutch of bookshelves on top: sort of an obese version of what was once known as a secretary.

Even _that_ didn't put an end to the pile on the kitchen counter, but I wiped it out -- permanently -- recently, and have been working hard to clear out the lateral file and the shelving. Alas, every time I get it clear, it repopulates, so after reorganizing it for the nth time and moving contents out of the house or elsewhere in the house, I thought about it for a while and I believe I have figured out what the core problem is.

That Thing is where I put all my Projects of a Unusual Size: electronic gadgets as yet unopened that need to be opened up, powered up, configured and put to use, type of thing (the Rosetta Stone headset was in there, the travel router was in there, the external hard drive is still in there, nagging at me to bag up my laptop). And a whole host of other things that I can't think of right now because if I remember all of the POUS's at the same time, I freak out because I recognize that I Will Never Get Them All Done.

Which is okay. R. configured the travel router today and we discussed why I own it and whether I still should and if we should be putting it to some use in the house. We concluded that we didn't need it in the house. I recalled that the Use Case was when we went somewhere that had wire-ful internet but either had no wire-less internet or it was really, really terrible. This used to happen a lot, so I put the travel router on a wish list and either someone bought it for me or I gave in and bought it for myself, but by that time, all the places we were traveling had decent wire-less service and the Use Case had largely evaporated.


So I'm in a quandary. Should we go spend a week at a lovely place where a wireless router would come in handy, buying this a second time would be incredibly annoying, so I don't want to get rid of it. OTOH, it seems a little lame that I'm hanging onto it Just In Case. It's going to continue to take up space in a drawer (probably not in the hutch, tho -- probably in one of the drawers in the closet where I store travel equipment like headphones for the kids). And it will no longer be silently reprimanding me for owning something Really Very Cool and not even bothering to take it out of the box.

Maybe I'll spend five minutes on the drawers and see what else can be moved along.
Tags: decluttering
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