walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Rosetta working once again

In the decluttering exercise, I found the headset for Rosetta, and I've been cleaning up my laptop. So I thought, hey! I should start working on Dutch again, since I might need it in a few months.

Alas, Rosetta got stuck in a sad update loop. So I sent a message to support. And after twoish days, they sent me a link to an update. I wasn't optimistic, but I think it actually works and remembers where I was, when I last used it. Around this time in 2011. Yikes.

Still! Happy!

ETA: Well, T. isn't happy. He doesn't want me and the computer talking to each other. Good news, however, is that I finally tracked down the settings for making the sound come through the headset. The mike was working, but it was really annoying that the headphones weren't. Wheee!

Sounding a little manic there. Hmmm.

The kids are both sick today; they have coughs but no fever. But neither has any desire to leave the house.
Tags: daily activities, learning dutch
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