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Daily Activities Include: Kids back in school, hair cut, paint samples acquired

T. went to school yesterday, but our town closed to due sidewalks not being cleared. While our street's sidewalks were as yet unplowed when we went to bed, they were done when we woke up. A neighbor thinks it was done around 1 a.m. I was going to get bangs today, however, the lovely woman who cuts my hair, while initially excited to do what I wanted, balked when she got a good look at the hair around my forehead. She found what I have known to be there my entire life: a whole series of cowlicks (this is in addition to its general wave/curliness). Those bangs would never lie flat.


I've been looking at pictures of curly bangs today; if I got that route, I'll definitely have to have them longer, to deal with the bounce up factor, and I'm petrified of the saccharine cuteness effect that seems to envelope me whenever I have curls on my forehead. However, I'm over 40, so maybe that will help compensate somewhat.

I went to the hardware store in search of paint samples for the kitchen. The walls just get more beat up every week that goes by and I'm really getting sick of looking at it.

In decluttering/de-paper-ing news, I got the homeowners insurance bill for the condo today and carefully inspected the paperwork for go-paperless directions. In slightly more than the time it would usually take me to write a check, put a stamp on the envelope and write a return address, I got signed up (and added to LastPass) for EBPP and e-statements, and paid the current bill. I probably should have signed up for AutoPay, but didn't think of it at first, and then I didn't want to do it because I hate risking a double payment.

The kids continue to use their hippety hoppety balls while chasing the Roomba around, all with Team UmiZoomi in the background. T. is helping A. with her cake. This nets out to not much messier than before they got home, so that's okay.
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