walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

EverNote Sucks!

The iPad app is _horrible_. It gets out of sync. It duplicates things it thinks conflicted. It FAILS. Over and over and over. I keep trying to get the fucking thing to work. I wait for _months_ to see if the bugs get better.

And it just screws me over every time I start depending on it.

If I thought there was a better solution, I would be using it.

And don't get me started on all the cut-and-paste bugs.

This thing is HORRIBLE.


I tried Apple's Notes app a year or so ago, and got really mad because everything disappeared at some point. I found EverNote much more recently. In the interim, iCloud launched, and I had all kinds of problems with everything grinding to a halt while it tried to sync everything, so I turned iCloud off for everything. I've been slowly turned part of it back on, and I thought now would be a good chance to do some experimenting with Notes on iOS with iCloud.

So far, so good. It was looking like the phone was cut off from everything -- until I realized I hadn't turned on iCloud for Notes there. Ooops.

I remain unconvinced that I really trust this; I'm probably going to move all my data in EverNote over to google docs as an interim measure until I figure out what I really want to do.





So, I know this about myself, but sometimes it surprises me anyway. When I get mad, I move fast. I've deleted all of my Evernote apps (on my laptop, phone, ipad). I went into the web interface, deleted _everything_, emptied the trash, changed the email address on my account (to noone35@nowhere.com) and deactivated the account. The reason for the email address is on the off chance I ever want to use EverNote again (currently unimaginable, but the world is a funny place, and sometimes I get over my mad and decide to give someone or something another try), I can use my regular email address for that purpose.


Oh, and obvs, I made sure I didn't actually lose any data. Cut and paste in Evernote works FROM a note on a laptop TO another application -- it's pasting within EverNote that was hopelessly broken (altho the syncing problem was the camel's straw for me anyway), so I just opened up a browser window to google docs and copied each note into a google doc. Now available everywhere I might want to be, and syncing consistently and quickly. I'll have to see if there's a dedicated iOS interface/app (I expect not) or eventually come up with a better solution. I'll probably store the groceries list as an iOS note, just to make it quickly accessible, but there's an off chance I'll decide to get an app for the purpose.

Looking like I'll just use iOS notes at least for a while, for the grocery shopping list. I'll take a look at the google integration for notes, altho R. was not optimistic about that.
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