walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

For Freezing Rain?!?

I love our little town. I love its sidewalks. I love that the schools and the sidewalks work out so that many, many, many kids can walk to school. That is fantastic.

What I don't love is that the town did not clear the sidewalks after this storm. (Probably a bit overwhelmed. They usually clear them almost immediately. Altho to be fair, when we first looked at this house, before we bought it, we looked at it right after a snowstorm in February and the sidewalks weren't cleared for that, either. Hmmmm.) And between that and freezing rain, my town decided to close schools on Monday. Yes. For rain.


Fingers crossed that the next town over doesn't close. If they stay open, T. can still go to his class if we drive him in (CASE transport doesn't go out if Acton is closed).

Either way, it looks like we might have some help. Our regular babysitter works for the town schools and thus is not working tomorrow. She was supposed to work Saturday, but that, along with the rest of life, was canceled.
Tags: daily activities
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