walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Retail Therapy: Not Having to Create an Account edition

PayPal just gets more and more interesting the more I use it. When I used PayPal at Land's End a couple days ago, I noticed that the PayPal receipt had item level detail (!!). Then today, when I ordered from ShoeBuy, where I had not previously ordered, I realized that I didn't have to enter _anything_ in the checkout process (LastPass supplied the PayPal info and PayPal told Shoebuy where to send the stuff).

_This_ has got to be the future of online retail. This whole must create a new account every time you buy from someone, with a username, password, shipping address, billing address, payment information, phone number, email address and whatever else they ask for, PLUS having to dig around to say _NOT_ do not send me random emails trying to sell me more stuff, has got to end.

And if the price of having it end is PayPal, I can definitely cope with that. I may change my mind some day, if I have a particularly bad experience that I've never before experienced with other payment methods, but at least at the moment, I Am a Fan.
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