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Signs of Life, Retail Therapy (Indoor edition)

Roche Bros. opened at the regular time today and I got in and out in a half hour (ketchup! tea! muffins! cake! Yay! Also bananas and some other marginally more like real food. But only marginally). The motion sensors on their exterior doors are not working, so they've set the inbound pair of doors to be open so you can get in and out. They have the usual New England airlock setup, so while it's a bit chillier than usual it isn't terrible.

The bakery department was behind, but they did have fresh baked bread and muffins (needed to restock the bags, but did so promptly); they are behind on a lot of the rest (whoopie pies, cakes, etc. notably). They'd done a good enough job plowing that you could see pavement and what else was there was slush rather than snow.

R. and A. are out because A. saw a box and thus wanted "Presents!". They are going to run errands, find a drive thru and buy her some toys. Or at least replacement white board markers in the color she used up.

Meanwhile, I've been sitting around buying crap on eBay, in between putting chairs on top of tables so the Roomba can run and thus entertain hippity hoppity'ing children. I don't like auctions, but succumbed to one for a set of Northern Lites Backcountry snow shoes. My Quicksilvers are from many pounds ago, and do not have as much flotation as I would like. I didn't really care for years, because I didn't really have an opportunity to use them, but 2 feet of snow = opportunity. I also bought T.'s snow pants and snow boots for next year (next size up, in other words), so he'll have backup pants and boots for here at home. His regular setup lives as school and does not typically come home, unlike A.'s, thus leaving us with a bit of a conundrum for dressing him yesterday. Also, the pants at least are on their 3rd year and getting a bit small anyway.

As long as I'm buying footwear for children in the next-size-up, I went through some of the existing footwear to see what we should be passing along to some other youngster.
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