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Today's Activities Include: Uploading Still More Photos

Usually, I get R. to make the kids grilled cheese sandwiches on the general theory that I don't cook things I can't eat because it's hard to tell if I did it right. However, he is snowblowing and they didn't want to wait. My grilled cheese sandwiches don't look much like his. Altho they ate more of mine than they usually eat when he makes them. I'm going to assume this means mine are Acceptable (altho it might just mean they were Really Hungry).

In between starting more episodes of Team Umizoom on the Apple TV to entertain the kids, I've been trying NOT to just surf the web aimlessly, in favor of Actually Getting Things Done. This has not been particularly successful, however, I did take my camera down from the shelf, figure out the battery was dead and put it on the charger, extracted the SD card and then uploaded the photos (9 out of around 40) that were at least somewhat worth keeping. So that's something. I got the photos off the iPod Touch a couple days ago. There are a few still on my iPhone and of course the task I am avoiding, checking over what is on the ancient iMac as part of the complete decommissioning project.

The Roomba was run downstairs and upstairs; it's not clear how good of a job it is doing versus A Real Vacuum, but we think if you run it a few times a week, it's as good as what the person we have come clean our house does. Which suggests maybe we'll have her vacuum less and dust more over the next few weeks and see how our various allergies do with that tradeoff. We had dramatically limited what we asked of her, because she had some serious health problems that slowed her down, and there had been a lot of mission creep anyway.

It'll be interesting to see how long the kids like the robot vacuum, and whether they reach a point where they want it to Go Away. They can be like that, and that might, um, suck. Or not suck, as the case may be.
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