walkitout (walkitout) wrote,


If it isn't obvious, a lot of what I'm doing with the snow pictures is learning how Flickr works, and how to get it to interact with LJ in a useful way. I'm also going to be checking out how this looks when mirrored to FB. There's a certain repetitiousness to this, for which I apologize, and obviously the photos do not inherently merit this level of attention -- this is just an opportunity to figure something out while trapped indoors with hopping children who are watching Team Umizoomi and I am exploiting it.

My other activity for the day is creating tables of contents for the photo binders I put together. You can imagine that fiddling with Flickr is a whole lot more entertaining (altho when I send holiday letters next winter, I'll be Real Happy I assembled a complete list of everyone I should be maintaining communication with while trapped inside by snow.).
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