walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

"Digital Postal Mail" by Zumbox and other EBPP consolidation services

Never heard of it before? Neither had I.


I suppose this is one way to avoid having to sign up at Every Damn Company you owe money to.

Not sure what I think of it, beyond that I've already gone paperless on everything that seems like it might arrive via this service. I'll have to take a closer look to be sure.

ETA: Looks like Manilla is the same idea, but with perhaps more providers, according to this review:


I first encountered Manilla at the Paperless 2013 site (which I first heard about when a bunch of paper-focused companies decided to pick on it over on Twitter, and then bragged about what they had accomplished in blogs). I couldn't figure out what Manilla did, so I sort of ignored it in favor of looking into HelloSign, which is Awesome.

ETAYA: the comments thread on that review is interesting, digging into some issues associated with how PDFs are handled and what does/not display well. Switching to viewing Chase stuff through a PDF statement would be a significant downgrade from my user experience on the Chase website (they have just about the best one out there, IMO).

ETA still more: Doxo is Yet Another Consolidator. They offer sort of a password/userid/location file along with an archive of statements/bills etc. I find these things really confusing; I think the industry will probably have to go through some sort of consolidation before anything really takes off -- altho maybe not. Payment systems have historically been insanely complex in order to serve all comers.


On the whole, this one seems very cool as an all-in-one-solution, however this reviewer:


Notes that it's like a not-great mashup of Evernote, Shoeboxed and LastPass, with significant pieces missing. Hmmmm.

It is exciting to think about what our future might hold, once somebody "wins" and becomes a comprehensive solution. I thought my collection of Flickr, Google Drive, a blog, a website, Evernote, and LastPass in conjunction with a bunch of more specialized accounts was pretty cool. The integration potential is even better.
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