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USPS announces no more letters on Saturday, altho package delivery and PO Box delivery will continue

This isn't a hard story to find out about today.

However, there are some interesting aspects to it. Postal customers don't seem to care too much (and would rather lose Saturday delivery vs. a weekday being eliminated, which was previously being considered). The Postmaster General/USPS is doing this without legislative involvement, and some (mostly Democratic?) legislators are saying That's Not Okay. Boehner is saying, yeah, we probably should have gotten around to some enabling legislation, but I question his sincerity, because a lot of the money woes are the result of previous Republican sponsored/party line passed legislation that required pre-payments on trust funds by USPS. Also, there are Republicans (Coburn, Issa -- it makes me feel just awful that I find we are in agreement on this) kind of are happy about the cutback and maybe would like to see USPS go away entirely (_that_ I'm not necessarily in agreement with).

Obviously, the postal union(s) are not happy about this, which may explain the Democratic position -- and may not.

It does seem like it has the potential to reduce the postal service's carbon footprint (not driving to every damn mailbox in the country on Saturday, just the ones with packages to deliver), which is Not Nothing.

I'm sure there are many other ways to frame this change, however, I mostly just don't care. I keep trying to care, and yet, I cannot care. Bye, bye Saturday mail. If you _really_ want your Saturday mail delivery, get a PO Box.

Oh, wait, maybe _that's_ something to think about. Are we moving away from delivery to every address? Hmmmm. Calculating the tradeoffs for _that_ is a really interesting problem.

ETA: This has more detailed coverage, include White House reaction:


Essentially, hey, we/the Senate put a package together and the House didn't act. Don't blame us.

It is beautifully clear who is responsible for this state of affairs. This is unambiguously owned by Republicans.

ETAYA: Also, funny about how the previous ban on going to 5-day was part of appropriations bills. But we don't have one of those right now, either -- just a temporary continuation spending resolution.
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