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Today's Activities Include: Uploading More Photos

I _think_ I'm about halfway through the 59 rolls of APS film that were digitized onto an unknown number of discs. I had to stop because something is flaking out in the upload process, and I can't tell if it's on my side, Flickr's side, in the middle, and whether it's a real problem or a throttling issue that will Go Away if I take a break in using up all that upload bandwidth. *shrug*

It's been an interesting process. So far there was only one roll where I didn't bother to upload a single photo. Some of the rolls I've uploaded everything; most of the rolls are running 60-75% or thereabouts. The one I didn't upload involved a social event that I'd just as soon never think about again; there will likely be some more rolls like that later on. I'm preferentially doing the pictures I actually enjoy looking at first, but I'm being a completist, so when a roll I don't like is on a disc with stuff I do like, I suck it up and go through it.

Other than that, it was T.'s half day so he finally went to gymnastics again, because we are both not deathly ill. Amazing! It's always hard to get him moving, but he really seems to enjoy it and works hard when he goes so at least for now I'm persisting. We've taken a break on his swimming lessons for a couple months.

Today and Monday I went for abbreviated walks, but I wasn't the one who wussed out -- the dog wanted to turn around, probably because she was done with her business and was too cold to want to continue.

Monday I had breakfast with my friend A., which was lovely. I hadn't seen her in a while and she is a complete joy to talk to about anything and everything. On the way home I stopped and picked up Valentine's cards for the kids' classes. A couple more bins of kids' clothes have exited the house to go to friends' kids who will (someday) use them, so my closet no longer looks like a complete disaster.

We are doing much better, now that we are no longer quite so sick.
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