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Bicycle Reveries Revisited

Yesterday, I took the bike back down to the Nashua River Rail Trail, and once again cycled down to Ayre and back. But this time, I didn't feel compelled to stop and eat. I hopped off the bike in Ayre, locked it up, took the backpack pannier off the bike. Put on my skirt, packed up my helmet and wandered around a little. I got an iced tea and marveled that Ayre was, if anything, even deader as a little town than I had been told.

On the ride down, I think I saw a wild turkey. On the ride back, I saw a bright red bird that may have been a cardinal. And while I was a little tired when I got back, my knee did not hurt. The bike is still in the back of the car, in hopes of getting back out again tonight, but I wouldn't bet on it. It's both very warm and very muggy right now.

One might think that tooling along on a bicycle in its top gear, that it would be impossible for random strangers to strike up a conversation. One might be wrong. Kevin, on 5 wheeled speed skates, poured it on so he could catch up with me and chat for the remaining mile and a half into Ayre. It's amusing (but not personally useful) to know that one can pick up active men by cycling alone, in the much the same way I've noted can be done by hiking alone. Is it the bike? The upright riding style? Something about me? Who knows?
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