walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Still Sick

T. has a fever back so he stayed home today. A. remains healthy; I don't see how that can last, however, given even R. is starting to succumb. We may possibly have gotten two different things, also.

I'm back to uploading stuff on Flickr, and today's uploads included some classics of the naked small child in water genre. I've been marking everything with an identifiable person in it (with a tiny number of exceptions) other than me as "private", so I figured I was mostly in the clear. But I checked out Flickr's nudity policy anyway. Such as it is. Wow, there are some users out there will truly blinkered ideas about, well, everything. "But this picture of my penis is artistic! If I can't share it publicly, what's the point of Flickr?!?" (<-- Not an exact quote.)

I rented the more recent version of _Total Recall_ and _The Avengers_ movie yesterday. And watched them, which may have been an error. They are _long_. Easily the best bit in the latter movie was where Loki whining and That Other Guy picks him up and slams him all over Stark's living room like a rag doll. Altho the bit where he he punches the first enemy ship-thing is pretty hilarious, too.

Both movies have all kinds of problems with them, but I _loved_ watching the clamps operate on The Fall. Those were super cool. The Fall, itself, is of course ridiculous in uncountable ways; alas, people don't focus enough on all the unobtainium requirements for building The Fall. Between the unobtainium needs and _using public transport for your invasion_, I think _Total Recall_ was marginally tougher on my suspension of disbelief attempts than the comic-book physics of _The Avengers_.

I watched most of Iron Man 2 at some point (not all -- I gave up on it part way through), but for whatever reason I _loved_ the Black Widow character in this outing. I'd happily watch an entire very long movie with her (and presumably Hawk) as the stars.
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