walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Reservations Abroad

T. is back at school. I got sick. He is still coughing. I'm still somewhat sicker than that but no longer running a fever. Anyway.

Today, I am Sitting Up, because coughing while lying down is no longer a good tradeoff. While sitting up, I read e-mail, then I felt compelled to take action on e-mail. Notably, the payment info for the reservation at Efteling arrived, so I had to find someone who could do the transfer for me.

Altho in retrospect, perhaps I should have suggested PayPal.

I inadvertently forwarded all the attachments when I should have only forwarded one, so the people doing the payment got copies of the brochures. People in the United States really do not know about Efteling, but when they find out, they are excited. I'd call that a missed marketing opportunity, but it was probably a conscious decision to preserve the fun for Dutch kiddies.

I should book the flight next, but I feel like I would screw it up if I did that today so I am going to wait.
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