walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Quote of the Day, from Ranit Mishori

From Nutrition Action Healthletter, Jan/Feb 2013.

"Ranit Mishori, a physician and associate professsor of family medicine at Georgetown University Medical Center ... [article describes cleanses, irrigation, etc.] ... "First of all, these supplements are meant to cause diarrhea, which is never a good thing." ... "The funny thing for me as a physician is that some people who ask me if they should do colon cleansing are reluctant to undergo a colonoscopy because of the prep. In both cases, you're sitting on the toilet for two days, and it's uncomfortable. When it's for weight loss, it's okay, but when it's for cancer screening, it's not. I find that very odd."

I am very skeptical of cancer screening and "cleanses", but I feel Mishori's observation offers real clarity and perspective.

She has more to say:

"People have incredibly stressful lives ... And there's this perverse thinking that if you just get some gunk out, by pooping it all out, it's going to make a huge difference in your life. So many other interventions are proven and safe -- yoga, exercise, walking, talking, and even having a glass of wine. Why do we have this need to detoxify and get the gunk out?"
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