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Today's Activities Include: the shoebox of cards and correspondence

I had mixed feelings about this box. At first, I didn't even see it, because there was a gallon bag of cards and so forth in front of it. Once those were (mostly) dealt with, I saw the box. *sigh* When I briefly scanned the contents, it seemed to be mostly 1993-2003, thus before I moved in with R. However, there were some later things in it as well.

Today, I did the binder reshuffle. We had a lot of empty binders on the 3rd floor, so I took the contents of a couple of the worse looking travel binders, transferred them to some of the nicest of the empty binders, threw away the crappy binders, moved the rest of the empty binders into a crate in the unfinished attic space and shelved the travel binders in the newly opened up shelf space.

After that, it made sense to tackle the shoebox. While it is not empty, it is greatly reduced. Once again, envelopes to recycling, cards with pictures, writing beyond a signature, etc. to the scrapbooks and let R. decide what to do with what is left that was addressed solely to him, or addressed to us but from a close relative of his, and dealt with my side similarly.

The good news is, after I've done this, it'll be Real Easy to see next holiday season who we owe holiday letters to. With a lot of groveling, because 10 or more years of unreciprocated holiday letters complete with a nice card and a picture of the fam is appalling behavior on our part.
Tags: daily activities, decluttering
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