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Daily Activities Include: Repurposing a questionable but cool photo album

When my maternal grandmother died, my mother and I went to sort through her things, which were few and cheap, even by my standards of the time (and that's saying something). One of the things I kept was an unused photo album with a "Wards MFG" sticker towards the back, leather bound, black paper pages, no plastic anywhere to be seen. I bought photo corners and installed old photos (well, mostly copies of old photos), until I became uneasy about the whole thing in my mid 20s. I recently removed the photos entirely, but I hesitated about throwing it away.

Young children in preschool and primary school can bring home an awful lot of artwork. We have some posted on the playset. We have some on the mantel. There's an item or two on the bulletin board. And yet the build up on the counter, even with ruthless, regular sorting. Today, I took the survivors of the purges and installed them (with tape loops! Woohoo! Non-archival stuff in an non-archival album attached in a non-archival manner!) in the album.

I feel really good about this.

I also dropped off 59 rolls of developed APS film and 1 roll of not-really-sure. The developed stuff is going to be scanned and digitized. The 1 roll will be developed to see if there is anything there.

R. wanted me to keep the serial numbers off the rolls, so I took pictures of them in the cases. _After_ I drove away from the camera shop, I remembered at least one of those rolls has at least one picture of me lifting my shirt up, from back in the days when I thought it was hilariously funny -- even while sober -- to flash cameras (I particularly liked to flash security cameras, altho I was always sad I wasn't around to see the reaction).

Ah, youth. (For these purposes, defined as unmarried, child-free and unconcerned about a current or future employer's reaction.)
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