walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

family visit

And no drama!



We all had a good time, as near as I can tell. R.'s sister T., her husband J. and their two children A. and J. came over. They stayed at a hotel because we don't have space. We went to Hampshire Hills and played in the pool Saturday. We hung out the rest of the day and Sunday morning. The kids were picky eaters, but breakfasts were fine, and lunch at Giorgio's on Saturday more or less worked out. Dinner Saturday did not work as well (beef burgoyne) BUT apparently T. has had bad-stew feelings since being a young'un and eating Dinty Moore out of a can about 100 too many times when the babysitters made dinner before mom came home post-divorce. Shockingly, she was willing to eat the beef stew, so now J. can maybe finally make her his fabulous stews (he's the chef) which he has been itching to do for apparently 13 years.

Shocking, really.

Waffles for breakfast today; banana muffins yesterday. I even bought bagels, lox and cream cheese, so the adults could have what they always have (and they snarfed it right up with no complaints about the bagels which, honestly, weren't great).

The kids played really well together. Teddy had a fine time and the older kids played a bunch on the slide and there were only a couple of accidents (one fat lip was probably the worst of it). We are tentatively discussing D-world next spring and possibly Narraganset in late July/early August of this year.

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