walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Daily Activities Include: The Box

E. has a box of inter-generational family documents. I don't have anything nearly that terrifying/interesting. What R. has is a shoebox in which he put worth-saving cards, photos and similar items from the early 1990s through 2003. This is the box that was hidden by the stack and gallon zippy bag that I found yesterday. (It wasn't really hidden. This is a perceptual thing, where in order to not go utterly crazy, I only pay attention to layers of things, noticing the next layer after the top layer has been fully Dealt With.)

While there are real candidates in the shoebox for the family photo albums (pictures of the kids cousins when they were born/younger) and possibilities for breaking out more options (extract all the people that R. knew separately from me and their kids photos/xmas cards, etc. and put them in an album with the relevant contents of the shoebox), I'm going to ignore it right now in favor of continued progress on the material I already have out.

Also known as, Procrastination Is a Life Strategy.

There's also a shelf full of albums in the basement that R. assembled pre-2003. Some of them are rock band photos, which I feel no compulsion to touch. Some of them are travel and/or family photos, and those might eventually need to be excavated.

I suspect there are still a couple of stashes somewhere, because there's a gap in the Xmas cards and we tend not to actually lose things. They'll turn up eventually.
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