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T. Wants Pictures

I took 4 5x7 pictures of A.: 2 pix of her from school, and 2 group pictures of her preschool classes. I framed them (simple, black wood frames, no mattes). R. put them on the wall above her bed. Now every day, T. (and often A.) climbs up and wants to talk about them (I've now committed to asking S. at the school for the names of all the kids so that I can tell T. who they are).

Today, I casually asked T. if he wanted pictures of his classes in his room. Shockingly, he said yes. So we went up to get the framed one of this year's class (with his friend J.!) and put it on a bookshelf in his room. Then we got pages out of the binder/scrapbook/albums of his previous years in school. Then he asked for pictures of his cousins (my sister's kids). He wanted them on the wall "now", but did not want to go to the frame store, so we agreed I'd go get the frames when R. came home.

R. ran a bit late, but the frame shop was open until 6, so I got down the framed copy of our wedding invitation with the broken glass, figuring I might as well get that taken care of, too. Then I took all the pages and put them in a thin binder. When R. got home, I took the frame and the binder to the frame shop, got the glass cut (thank you, Acton Framers!), two mattes cut on the spot so the 3x5 or thereabouts prints could be framed as 8x10, and pre-made frames all around.

We got the price stickers and remaining adhesive off, pictures into the frames, and frames on the wall -- under two hours elapsed time from departure to the frame shop to project completion. Oh, and T. was standing on one of his beds looking at the pictures.
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