walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

not-so-random research: buyin' a place in Seattle?

Here is some stuff to consider:

A discussion of why apartment vacancies are low in Seattle:


and an update here from January:


Note this includes loss of units to condo conversions.

This is a really neat analysis of what months condos tend to sell:


Here's a January article noting one new project will be apartments
rather than condos, but in general arguing that the condo market
will stay strong -- despite greater inventories and fewer sales.


Here's someone in the blogosphere commenting on that article:


That blog, in general, seems kinda funny. ;-)

Another recent post from him:


I spent years -- no joke -- shopping before I bought my condo. When
I started, I was looking for a house with someone else. By the time
I bought, I was getting a condo, still expecting to live there with
someone else and share expenses, but with the mortgage and deed in
my name alone. In the end, I moved in alone. It all turned out
just lovely (altho I don't live there now, I will live there
again some year, and I like my renters). But I spent _years_. Anyone
thinking of buying should think in terms of years. That way, they
won't get smoke blown up their ass by an agent. They'll know the
market better than the agent by the time they are done -- at least
that slice they care about.

Most impressive, tho is:


Wow. Wish that had been around when I was shopping. OTOH, I think
buying a used unit in a small building is still a better deal.

The Times realestate section has an article about how to
avoid a broker: use Redfin, an online brokerage:


Nice analysis of commissions in the article.

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