walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

_Big Bad Beast_, Shelly Laurenston (kindle)

Whenever I post two reviews in quick succession, where one is non-fiction and the other is genre fiction, I wonder what the heck people think of my blog. I almost immediately go back to not caring/assuming that the sooner people figure out my taste is unpredictable the better.

Anyway. Laurenston is funny, which is why I keep reading her. I mean, really funny. Funny enough to make up for a heroine who refers positively to "her confederate heart" (*shudder*).

In this outing, Dee Ann Smith gets together with Ulrich "Ric" Van Holtz. Mace, Dez and their child Marcus play important background roles, as does Marcella (two other books I read in the series have these characters as protagonists). There are numerous additional characters in the background who have their own books as well. The plot, such as it is, revolves around Dee Ann, Cella and Dez tracking down who is running the hybrid fights that Hannah, Abby and others were rescued from. The perpetrator does not precisely surprise, and Gina Brutale gets a fun little cameo in one of the torture scenes.

Really, I would not put up with this stuff, except it is so amazingly humorous.
Tags: book review, paranormal fiction
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