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Today's Activities Include: minor decluttering, playing book group, lunch out with one of the kids

I took a bunch of shoes that I don't wear anymore and which when turned over make it very clear why (wow some of those soles were a lot more worn than I had expected) out to the trunk of my car to deliver to a donation bin. I got extremely annoyed with my cake pans after I broke the second cake in less than a week. I ordered springforms to replace my two 9 inch rounds; the old pans are now headed out the door, altho this does not address the problem I had with the heart shaped cake pan (don't make heart shaped cakes any more? Maybe?). I do recognize that I'm not supposed to blame my tools, but I'm really happy about the springforms and still can't quite figure out why I didn't do this a decade or more ago. It's not like these things are that expensive.

I also went to the hardware store to buy a few more small bins with handles for the kids' shelves. As they get older, a lot of their toys get smaller, and come in more pieces and it's starting to be more and more helpful to be able to corral them in a way that is still visible to the kids -- if you put them in something they can't see into, they either get mad and yell that they want it when they can't find it (and then you have to figure out what they mean by whatever words they chose to describe that toy), or, worse, they forget it exists and never play with it again.

I took the opportunity to get rid of a few more toys from the upstairs hall, and retire a Large Crate Where Toys Go To Be Forgotten, thus making space in the hall for the easel and table and chairs that were living in T.'s room and largely being ignored. I'd tried to move them before, and he nixed it, but this time, he was good with the change. Once out, A. wanted to paint, and T. wanted to do a puzzle when he saw me moving them around on the shelves (I was moving them from sitting in stacks to being shelved like books, as this let me get a lot more puzzles into a lot less shelf space, thus consolidating all the puzzles in the house to one location -- well, all the kids' puzzles, anyway). So that was cool. A. and I did another puzzle, and after that she played with some of the other toys.

T. has been playing "book group" lately, which involves driving the Cozy Coupe around the house with (the same) 4 books, parking, and then settling in to be read to. After we're done, he packs it all up again, and drives away. Very cute. This morning, he drove to a "restaurant" for breakfast (a bagel and some cheese). Around noon, I asked if he wanted to go to a real restaurant and he agreed! Shocking! R., T. and I (A. was with B. for the day) went to Applebee's, since we figured he was going to want chicken, fries and apple juice and we'd better make sure we wound up somewhere that would serve him that in a form he would be okay with. It was a very enjoyable experience; the renovation at the one we went to made it a much better experience than it had been in the past (risers gone, bar now on the side rather than in the center, etc.).
Tags: daily activities, decluttering
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