walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

The Missing Gloves Reappear

I bought T. three pairs of gloves for Xmas, because he _had_ three pairs of gloves at the tail end of last cold season and I couldn't find any of them. I concluded he must have chewed them to death and I threw them away, because he was chewing on a lot of things at the time.

I was completely wrong. I have found the gloves, along with some other winter accessories. Fortunately, the gloves from last year are smaller than the gloves from this year, so I'm going to reframe this as A Good Thing, and Having the Next Size Up Ready, rather than A Bad Thing, and I now have 6 gloves for T., which is clearly excessive.

I was not looking for the gloves. The gloves reappeared when I was looking for the Calico Critters calendar, thinking I'd hang it up in A.'s room. I cannot find it, and I don't know if that's because I recycled it pre-emptively or put it away somewhere I can't find it. Not unlike the gloves.

While continuing to look for the Calico Critters calendar, I found yet another stash of holiday cards from the past, which included pictures. Now that I have photo pages set up, I can actually put these pictures somewhere (except that I've run right through all the pages I bought, so I'm waiting for the next batch to arrive, along with a couple of binders, which I'm increasingly thinking of as already inadequate to the task of holding the stack of photo pages already assembled. *sigh*). I am not calling this scrapbooking. I'm not.

Also, the kids have been wanting me to read a Lois Ehlert book and a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse book. Several times a day. T. calls this "going to book group", and the activity is begun by driving around the house in the Cozy Coupe.
Tags: daily activities

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