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Today's Activities Include: Undecorating, playdate

After discussing it with the kids, so we wouldn't wind up with some sort of hysterical where'd-the-tree-go-make-it-come-back-now incident (or at least not a surprise one), we put the ornaments and lights away, disposed of the tree and took all the LED fake candles out of the windows. R. actually tested all the batteries, and got rid of all the ones below some charge threshold that he decided was reasonable (and certainly seemed fine by me). I vacuumed up the needles and moved the succulent (R. says it is not a cactus) back to where it had been before we moved it to make way for the tree.

Of course I'm always sad to see the tree go, but I was really ready for this. T. helped take the ornaments down and was quite gentle. Nothing broke, and I only had to put the caps back on two ornaments.

M., M. and their children I. and O. came down for a playdate. This went really well for about two hours, and then my kids started their inevitable slide towards I'm Not Happy About This, so we wrapped it up. We even got the parachute out and played with it for a while. O, who is 16 months, was both super excited and kind of freaked out about the parachute.

And I am reminded that it's time to refresh the playdoh again; it's mostly gotten kind of hard and Not Fun any more.

It's been a really good winter break. Hopefully, the trend will continue.
Tags: daily activities

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