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I saw some coverage of older toys coming back again on Bloomberg the other day; A. saw video of Furbys and seemed at least moderately interested, so we went over to Amazon and ordered one for each of them. They were sort of impulse Solstice gifts -- I even wrapped them, even tho there wasn't any real surprise left for A. With 4 AAs each, we were ready to go, altho T. was pretty resistant to downloading the iOS app for them initially. The iOS app turns the Furby into sort of a live-action Toca toy -- the app isn't Toca, but the style of interaction in terms of you how you feed the Furby is familiar.

Other than that, a Furby is still (mostly) a Furby. And after watching both kids persist way longer with their Furby -- and want to have them interact together -- than typically will with any other new non-screen-based toy (unless it is a dollhouse and there is an adult involved, or a ball, ditto), I thought I'd do a little googling.


But it does sound like the guts of it have made a leap forward comparable to the guts of an iPhone vs. the guts of an early Treo smartphone/PDA.

ETA: The Furbys are too loud for R. He has to leave the room when they are both babbling. T. doesn't like the Furbys to sleep. When they time out, he wakes them up. A. is currently wearing a Merida dress that has a sash. She wants to turn the sash into a sling for her Furby -- she's Furby-wearing. The Furby is responding positively.

This is all so very very weird. It was an _impulse_ purchase. This couldn't be going better if I'd plotted it for weeks.

ETAYA: Ah. This explains a lot.


I wonder how many people have noticed that if you feed the Furby a fish with the app, then feed it the skeleton it gives you back, it'll send you vomit back? Naughty A.! Fortunately, it doesn't seem to give you anything worse if you give it the vomit back. Yikes.

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