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Leaning towards Holdeman

Shortly after my Mennonite ancestors arrived in Manitoba, a charismatic reformer/prophet/wtf showed up and split the already tiny and extremist colony further. I have been attempting to figure out which side of this divide my relatives fell on, more or less since I heard about the creation of CGCM or "Holdeman" Mennonites. I've been _really really really_ hoping (viz. "in denial") that they were on the Kleine Gemeinde side of the split.

In an effort to generate more obituaries that would name where services were held and thus identify the particular group individuals belonged to, I decided to start tracing the relatives of my great-uncle A.'s wife (A. was responsible for the extremely accurate but geography free descendancy Family Register and was also the father of my very favorite first cousin once removed, C.).

The wife's brother's services were done by Rosenort Church of God in Christ.

I say I'm leaning towards the Holdeman theory, but actually, I'm in free fall towards that idea. I just don't like it.

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