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_Bear Meets Girl_, Shelly Laurenston (kindle)

When I first started The Decluttering (2012), I went through my primary email inbox and dealt with the whole thing -- and not by just refiling into other folders. I decanted contact information. I deleted entire conversations, etc. And along the way, I took a few aging book recommendations from my friend K. and took a good hard look at the items on Amazon, and bought this one.

I am so glad I did. This is not the first or the more recent in this series (set of series? I don't know how extensive this universe is yet), and I am looking forward to reading more. A lot more. Possibly tonight. I liked this book so much, I actually stopped reading it at night to go to sleep so I'd be sure there was some left for the next day.

Laurenston has created a shifter universe, with a hockey team, and special ops, layered it with a combination of Three Stooges style slapstick violence (which I normally don't much care for, but when done really well enjoy tremendously) and screwball comedy. There's cop-partner dynamic. There's a substantial sub-theme involving hunting-humans (in this case, also hunting-shifts), which I have a very ambiguous set of feelings about, but it was executed really well. There's even a woman car thief who is Super Cool.

It's a little risky creating motif soup, but Laurenston pulls it off with style, in part because the characters have a lot of internal coherence. They aren't cartoons doing whatever would be funny at the moment -- they are doing things that make sense as people. It does not hurt that quite a lot of the things that make sense to characters like the Novikov and Crush tend to drive everyone around them absolutely bananas.

Very, very fun. Thank you, K.
Tags: book review, paranormal fiction

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