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I've been over more or less the entire house (I'm not kidding, and I am including the contents of the basement and the garage) in the last month. I haven't decluttered everything, but I've opened everything and taken a look through at a bare minimum, and I've plucked stuff out of and moved along to another location from nearly everywhere I've been.

Last year, my son had three or four pairs of gloves. I can only find one this year. ONE. At this point, I cannot even imagine where they might be hiding, because I've already looked in all of those places. Twice. In some cases, more than three times. In many of those locations, I _have_ decluttered, and reduced what was in that space by 20% or more -- in some cases, I've pulled everything out and only put back what really and truly belonged there (altho in general, I feel like that's a risky activity because I tend to over-purge with that approach).

So I'm buying more gloves. And my theory at this point is, that if three pairs of gloves could disappear over the last cold season and me not even remember what happened to them, I'd damn well better order about that many again. I have this vague recollection that in the chaos of the tic-ing and anxiety driven chewing, a few pairs of gloves got truly destroyed in the course of a day, two tops. And while things are way better this year, the chewing has by no means disappeared.

I can't figure out whether I hope the older pairs reappear or fail to reappear. After all, we did eventually find the Denby dinner plates, and it was very much a snake-would-have-bit-you situation.
Tags: daily activities, decluttering

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